5.8.12  -  Lottie's pups are now settling into their new homes and Dexter and Eris have safely arrived in Norway with their new owners.

2.7.12  -  Some new photos of Lottie's pups on their page, now 5 weeks old. We also have a new addition here name of Buddy, aka Tonkory First In Last Out. He's great and has settled in well with the girls - he'll have his own page soon.

31.5.12  -  Lottie safely delivered her babies on 24th May - 4 boys and 2 girls - all strong, healthy pups.

9.4.12  -  Some new photos added - on the Homepage a lovely standing pose from Zico and one from his brother Tristan in Germany. Also a great one from Todd (Issy x Rocky) watching his favourite TV programme!

Lottie has been mated to Chubby (Tonkory Up and Coming) so fingers crossed for a litter around May 23rd.

23.1.12  -  Gosh! 6 months since my last update and starting on a sad note as we lost our lovely Kes last July to cancer aged just 10 years, All happened very quick and it took a while to sink in.......he is still missed so much.

In Sweden Zico (Lottie x Quin) continues to do so well winning 3 x CACIB's  1 x Res CACIB and 4 x CAC's.......good luck to him and Mihaly for the coming year. 

Issy had her first litter just before Christmas - just 3 puppies, 1 boy and 2 girls now almost ready to go to their new homes. Hope to mate Lottie soon - I have made a new Litters Planned page for them both.

I now have a new email address as on the Homepage.

21.6.11  -  Happy Birthday to Lottie, sister Zing in the USA and brother Jerry in Finland - 4 today. A new photo of Zing on Ellie x Posh litter page enjoying her birthday blueberry muffins!

Some good news from overseas - in Sweden Zico won his first CAC and BOB and Jerry, who is now competing in Water Rescue, gained 99 points out of 100 in his first test after passing his compatability test. In Germany Tristan (Lottie x Quin litter) won the res. CAC-J at his show in Dresden. Well done boys. A new photo of Zico on the home page.

31.1.11  -  A new photo on the homepage of Lotties' son Zico in Sweden aged 11 months.

7.10.10  -  A fantastic day at Driffield show last week, Lottie took her first CC - her first show for a year after having her litter. Well done Lottie-Lou.  Issy is now 8 months old and this was her first show - she kept it together well and behaved lovely and made the last 5 from a large MP class - but on the final run round decided that was it, she'd been good for long enough and decided now was the time for a game! but she still managed 4th place. She will have her own page soon and I'll get some of the other pages updated when I have time. Also some new photos of Evie's pups at 4 weeks old

4.9.10  -  Evie had her litter yesterday, 2 dogs and 4 bitches, and lovely girl that she is she had them in daylight hours between 9.30 and 1pm yesterday morning. A lovely even litter so well done to Dad 'Chubby' (Tonkory Up And Coming ) as this is his first litter. They will have their own page soon. The litter will all be TNS tested in the next few weeks.

4.8.10  -  Last week we said goodbye to our beautiful Abby aged 16 years. She was such a lovely lady and is missed so much but without her I wouldn't have had Biff, my best dog ever, (who will now be looking after his Mum at the Bridge) and in her offspring she leaves such a wonderful legacy behind. RIP Doody Girl.

8.6.10  -  Fantastic news from Finland - Jerry is now 'Finnish Champion Tarrynden Secret Legend' gaining his CC's over just 8 days. Many congratulations to Henriikka and Anita.

A beautiful photo on the Homepage of Lottie's nephews and niece in California from her sister Zings' first litter to Sh.Ch.Littlethorn Continental.

25.4.10  -  Good news from California - Zing, Lottie's litter sister, has given birth to her first litter, 3 boys and 1 girl. Many congratulations Karen.

A couple of new photos of Tristan in Germany - one on the home page and a lovely fun one on Lottie's pups page. He's certainly enjoying life!

15.4.10  -  Zico and Tristan arrived at their new homes safely after their long journeys and have settled in well and making lots of new friends already, as are the girls but Wilma ( now called Issy ) came back to us a couple of weeks ago and has her paws well and truely under the table - much to Lottie's delight. It looks like she will be staying here, well at least for the time being, and is a real character, very lively but also very quick to learn. A new photo of her at 10 weeks on Lottie's pups page.

29.3.10  -  A few new photos of the pups at 8 weeks old on their page - 3 have already gone to their new homes and the last 3 go this week. Zico flies off to Sweden in a couple of days and Tristans' new owners are driving over from Germany to pick him up at Easter. Lottie will miss her playtime with her babies, she's been such a great Mum.

16.3.10  -  Very pleased to say that all the pups passed their eye and hearing tests today. They did 'sing' to me in the car on the way there and back, luckily just a short journey, but they were very quiet and well behaved when the tests were done.

29.1.10  -  Lottie had her pups during the early hours today between midnight and 4 am. 2 dogs and 4 bitches, all well marked, very strong, healthy babies and all weighing between 14 and 16 ounces. For a first time Mum Lottie is doing great and the pups are very content. They will have their own page soon.

24.1.10  -  Biffy is now at peace - my very, very special boy.   26.10.95 - 7.1.10

6.1.10  -  Evie is just about walking on all 4 legs now and had her first hydro session today. She was not impressed as she's not a great fan of water but she did have a good swim round the pool so hopefully she will build up her muscles during the next few weeks. Lottie is 'blooming' and now looking very plump and her appetite is enormous, the other dogs have to watch out if they're a bit slow eating their dinners otherwise Lottie pounces!! Her puppies are due soon on 29th January.

7.12.09  -  It's been a very eventful few weeks but, at last, time for an update. Sadly Evie will not be having a litter now as 2 days after she was mated she ruptured her crutiate ligament after a collision with Lottie in the garden! After being x-rayed to see the extent of the damage she was given a mis-mate jab to prevent any puppies and she had her op a week ago today. She is doing well and healing nicely - stitches out on Friday. Hopefully in a few weeks time she will start some hydrotherapy sessions which should help her from going 'stir crazy' with having no exercise for so long. On the plus side Lottie came in season 2 months early and was mated to Quin 10 days ago. She had 2 good matings so now it's fingers crossed that, baring any more accidents, heaven forbid!, she should have her litter at the end of January. Here's hoping.

9.11.09  -  Evie has now come in season and will be mated to Tonkory Quintessential soon.

27.10.09  -  Our lovely Biff celebrated his 14th birthday yesterday. He enjoyed a walk in the forest and I took some photos of the dogs and the beautiful autumn colours around just now - not that Biff noticed the colours but he did enjoy his extra treats for dinner when we got home.   Still waiting for Evie to come in season!

2.10.09  -  Many congratulations to Karen and Zing in California who gained her final points for her Championship.

2.9.09  -  Good news, both Evie and Lottie have had their gonioscopy tests today and both tested unaffected. Unfortunately both girls have decided they no longer need their coats so will be out of the show ring for a while.

13.7.09  -  Good news from across the pond - Zing won her 3rd Major so just needs 2 more points for her Championship and in Finland Jerry had his character test and passed with 150 points + secure to shots. The minimum points to pass is 75 so a great result.

23.6.09  -  Very sad news from Gunter in Germany. Callum (Tarrynden Freelander) was given sleep after an op for a spleen tumour. He would have been 11 years old in August and Gunter and Elke are devasted at the loss of their lovely boy. Sleep well dear Callum.

21.6.09  -  Lottie is still on a roll winning her first PG class at Three Counties Ch Show followed by a win in PG at Southampton Open show today ( a lovely birthday present on her 2nd birthday ). Evie won Open with BOB.

6.6.09  -  News from Karen in California. Zing has been awarded her Novice Agility Trial Title Certificate and won her second 3 point major in Breed. There's no stopping this girl!  Well done Zing.

25.5.09  -  A good day at Bath Ch Show yesterday. Lottie again wins her class - Special Yearling - and Evie 3rd in Open. Must have been the hottest day of the year so far and made a lovely change from the rain and mud we're used to at Bath!

23.5.09  -  Good news from Finland - Jerry wins his 2nd RCC at the International Dog Show in Helsinki and his first RCC just a week before. A lovely new photo of him and Sara in the Picture Gallery.

18.4.09  -  Our lovely Abbey celebrates her 15th Birthday today - her sight and hearing  aren't too good but she still enjoys life, especially her food!

26.3.09 - What a fantastic day at the BCC of GB Ch Show on Sunday. Lottie won her Graduate class and Evie won Open, then the Bitch CC and finally BIS! It was a very long day but oh! was it worth it. Some new photos of Lottie and Evie on their pages.

15.3.09 - Lottie had a great day at Crufts with a first and second in her 2 classes - well done Lottie-Lou!

I had some fantastic photos of Jerry in Finland. Henriikka says he is a very promising search dog and his Obedience training is going well. He has been  hip scored  'A' and elbows 0.0 so 3 from this litter, who have so far been tested, are all really great results as Zing in California has also preliminary tested 'Good'.

Some great new photos of Jerry on Ellie/Posh litter page and on the Picture Gallery.

23.2.09 - Have finally got round to some updates after many months. Gabby's pups are now settled into their new homes and hope to get some new photos soon, at the moment  there is a new one of Molly on the current litter page

 Gabby has settled in really well in her new home and has already started some Obedience training in which she excelled apparently and her agility training will start soon. I know she will have a great future with John, Karen and their family who all adore her.

Lottie's hip score came back 5:3 which we are very happy with and now with a new coat  will be out and about at some shows which we haven't done for a while.

Zing in California is still doing well. Karen tells me that in breed she was Best of Winners and Best Opposite Sex and at her first agility trial she was placed first in 2 classes then she passed her Therapy Dog International test. Some new photos of Zing in the Picture Gallery.

The dogs really enjoyed the snow we had a couple of weeks ago - the younger ones had never seen it before but loved it. New photos of Ellie and Lottie on their pages.

17.8.08 - Gabby had her litter on 13 August by 'C' section due to complications but sadly the only dog pup didn't survive but she has 4 healthy bitch puppies. Gabby found it very stressful when she came home from the Vets and didn't want to know her pups but with a lot of encouragement she has now settled down and is being a great Mum. Will put some photos on the Puppy Page soon.

10.8.08 - Lottie wins her Junior and Yearling classes at Bournemouth Champ Show.

20.6.08 - Gabby finally came in season and was successfully mated last week so it's fingers crossed for a litter mid August.

11.6.08 - At Three Counties Ch Show we had a fabulous day. Lottie went BPIB and then won the Pastoral Puppy group under judge Ferelith Somerfield. The following Sunday at Southampton Lottie again was BPIB and PG4. Some new photos will be added to her page soon. 

10.5.08 - Yesterday at Birmingham National Evie was 2nd in a large Open class and was awarded the RCC.

7.5.08 - Started a Picture Gallery page as I have had so many lovely photos of Tarrynden dogs at home and overseas

28.4.08 - New photos added to Ellie x Posh litter page of Zing.in California. A very proud Karen says she passed her herding instinct test at her first time in with sheep and at just 10 months of age. She writes - 'So far Zing has been exposed to Breed, Agility, Flyball, Obedience, a hospital therapy dog with her 'brother' Inky and now a pretty good natural on sheep. I am trying to keep up............'

27.4.08 - Lottie 2nd in Puppy in a large puppy class of 17 at WELKS and she behaved herself this time!

14.4.08 - Hopefully Gabby will have her first litter sometime soon but she is taking her time coming in season 

14.4.08 - My computer crashed a couple of weeks ago and I lost so much stuff including all my recent photos and address book but my lovely son fixed the problem and saved me the cost of a having to buy a new computer - he said it was some sort of virus. If any of my recent puppy owners could get in touch and let me have their e-mail address so that I can get them back in my address book it would be much appreciated..

5.4.08 - At West of England BCC show Evie won Open Bitch and went RBIS but Lottie was very naughty and played up in her Puppy class but still managed 2nd place tho she did calm down later and managed to win her Novice class

13.2.08 - New photo added to Evie's page taken at Border Collie of the Year. We had a lovely day and Evie finished on a great score of 355 points.

27.1.08 - Southern BCC Open show. Lottie wins MP and BPIS

21.1.08 - Trevor (Evie x Tally) is going from strength to strength winning 2 more Agility classes. Good one Trevor and well done Jason and Brenda you must be over the moon with how he's coming on.

17.1.08 - Manchester Ch.Show - wow! what a day. Evie awarded her first CC and BOB and Lottie wins MP and goes BPIB. Well done my lovely girls.

13.1.08 - At her first show (Southampton Open) Lottie wins BP and PG2

11.1.08 - Website launched